Hi. My name is David.  These pages are my photographs — at least some of them.
I’ve been taking pictures since high school.  My first camera was an Argus C-30 35mm rangefinder. It took ok pictures, but I wasn’t very choosy back then.  In my senior year in high school, I moved up to a Yashicamat 124 twin lens reflex 120/220 roll film camera. I sold sepia toned B&W photographs of the homecoming queens using this camera – all processed by myself.
In college, I managed to land a job with the school newspaper as a photographer — wasn’t really very hard to land — they pretty much had to take anyone who applied. Anyway the income from the photos (and the grocery store in the summer) allowed me to buy my first 35 mm SLR — a Canon FTQL.
Eventually rising to photo editor for the paper allowed me to play to an extent that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. And that’s what it was – play. I had no real thoughts of making a career of photography — particularly after spending one Christmas season taking pictures of kids and Santa.
I don’t profess to have any great philosophy about photography. It’s something I enjoy – particularly scenic and nature photographs. If you enjoy my photographs, please let me know — particularly if you’d like to purchase a copy or use the photograph in some way. (They are all copyrighted, of course.)
 Thanks for listening and looking.  Hope you enjoy the photographs!